YouTube is rolling out a generative AI tool that will provide new ideas for content creators. The tool provides ideas for the types of content your viewers want to see, new perspectives on content and conversation topics.

The company announced that it is testing a generative AI content inspiration tool for creators designed to help YouTube creators find ideas to share next on their channel. Google says the tool can also be used to help creators better understand their audience and create videos faster.

To achieve this, the tool helps generate ideas for three things – what topics your viewers want to see more of, fresh perspectives on creative content that you haven’t done before, talking points to start the creative process.

According to Google, this test is only rolling out to a small number of channels that publish videos in English. Recently, YouTube rolled out an AI trial program that added an “Ask” button to its user interface. The feature allows users to ask questions and get answers about the video they are watching.

Source: Android Authority