Popular spam blocking app Truecaller updated its AI assistant features and now allows paid users to create a digital clone of their voice to manage incoming calls.

Truecaller’s new feature was created in collaboration with Microsoft and uses Azure AI Speech’s new Personal Voice technology.

Launched in September 2022, Truecaller’s AI assistant offers a variety of AI-powered capabilities such as automatic call answering, screening, receiving messages and recording calls. In addition, the application filters callers according to the purpose of the call, selecting spam with an accuracy that exceeds 90%.

Previously, users could choose from seven preset digital voices for their assistant. Now users can create a personalized digital voice clone for the same purpose. After consenting, users must record their voice for a few seconds to create a digital copy. To maintain transparency, Truecaller has limited customization of the initial greeting when using the personal voice option, ensuring other callers are aware that they are interacting with a digital version of the user.

The Personal Voice rollout is initially available in the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, India, Sweden and Chile. It is expected to become available in other countries soon.

While this development is great, there are questions about the potential misuse of voice cloning technology. Countless AI voice generating apps are already available. In addition, there are increasing stories of scammers in India who clone voices with artificial intelligence to scam them out of money.

Source: Android Authority