A group of current and former employees of top artificial intelligence companies such as OpenAI and Google DeepMind issued a statement expressing concern about the need for stronger safety measures in the fast-growing field of artificial intelligence.

The letter, titled “righttowarn.ai,” and signed by more than a dozen AI insiders, points out that while AI has the potential to bring incredible benefits to humanity, it also comes with some serious risks.

These risks range from widening existing inequalities to the spread of misinformation and even consequences such as rogue artificial intelligence leading to human extinction. The signatories emphasized that these concerns are not only shared by them, but also by governments, other AI experts and even companies themselves.

In short, they say, AI companies can be too focused on making money and not enough on keeping their technology safe. They believe that the current approach of allowing companies to self-regulate and voluntarily share information about their AI systems is insufficient to address complex and potentially far-reaching risks.

To address this, the staff has come up with some ideas. They think AI companies should promise not to punish whistleblower employees, create anonymous ways for people to report problems and encourage open discussion about AI risks. They also believe that current and former employees should be able to speak openly about their concerns as long as they don’t reveal company secrets.

This call for action comes after some recent controversies in the AI ​​world, such as the disbanding of the OpenAI safety team and the departure of some key safety figures. Interestingly, the letter is endorsed by Geoffrey Hinton, a respected AI pioneer who recently left Google so he could speak more freely about AI’s potential dangers.

This open letter is a reminder that artificial intelligence is advancing so quickly that rules and regulations haven’t quite caught up. As AI becomes more powerful and appears in more places, ensuring its safety and transparency is of utmost importance. These AI insiders stand up for accountability and protection for those who speak up, hoping to ensure that as we continue to advance AI, we do so in ways that benefit everyone.

OpenAI official Comment – We pride ourselves on our track record of delivering the most capable and safest AI systems, and we believe in our scientific approach to risk management. We agree that a rigorous debate is vital given the importance of this technology, and we will continue to work with governments, civil society and other communities around the world. It’s also why we have avenues for employees to voice their concerns, including an anonymous integrity hotline and a safety and security committee chaired by our board members and company safety managers.

Source: Android Authority