YouTube star Mat Watson headed to car manufacturer Rimac’s newly built campus, where he got to know the company’s new robot taxi concept!

The robot taxi is called Verne and Rimac hopes that it will reach the market as early as 2026. The size of the car blends nicely into the urban environment without standing out as an autonomous car. From the outside, the car is covered with sensors that help it maneuver through the streets. Moment’s plan is for it to work only in cities and not make longer trips out of the city.

There are only two seats inside and the dashboard has a huge screen that displays all the necessary information. It shows the details of your journey and includes a selection of music, apps and even the ability to play with Xbox. The seats are highly adjustable, if desired, they can also be tilted into a reclining position.

The taxi can be called via the app and you even have the option to set the interior temperature and lighting settings before it arrives.

The Verne is powered by a 60kWh battery, which should provide enough range for a full day of city driving. The engine drives the front wheels and can provide about 200 hp. The car weighs 2100 kg.